Logistic and venue information


 The conference will be held in the Parque de las Ciencias, Granada, Spain. Granada with the adjacent Betics will set the scene and scope for the conference. The city can be easily reached via its international airport, train and bus connections. It offers a wide range of hotel classes. We have, however, reserved a limited number of guest houses, which will be made available at the start of the registration.



By air: Granada Airport Frederico Gracía Lorca (GRX) serves international connections. It is connected to the city by train and bus (about 30 min travel).

By bus: Direct buses from Madrid need about 5–6 hours to Granada.


We have organised a 10 % discount for the following hotels:

Hotel Nevada Palace

Hotel Recogidas

When booking there, please use the following Promotion Code: TOPOEUROPE

Field trip

From top to bottom, subduction dynamics in the Betics (download the reader here)

The bus for the field trip will pick up participants at 9 am on Thursday and Friday. Pick up location is the Hotel Granada Center (Avenida Fuente Nueva/Calle Prof. Motos Guirao).

The Ronda part (initially day 2) has become content of day 1, while the Sierra Nevada part (initially day 1) is now covered on day 2. This solves the time/travel constraints for some of the participants

The field trip, organised by José Miguel Azañón Hernández, Guillermo Booth Rea and Carlos Garrido, will provide a sound view on essential sites covering the Sierra Nevada extensional core complex and active normal faults in the Granada basin/Sierra Nevada and examine a section across the Ronda peridotite. Buses will leave and return to Granada every day. Thus, please make sure that you have booked your hotel in Granada for the duration of the field trip, as well.

Day one will focus on the active extension at the western termination of the Sierra Nevada elongated dome. There, seismic activity is high, with a large number of earthquakes, ranging from moderate to low magnitude. The trip will discuss reasons for the westward migration of the extensional loci and the high asymmetry of the extensional systems. A second focus will be on the mid-crustal extension and exhumation of the Sierra Nevada elongated core complex, formed by polymetamorphic, non-melted rocks that underwent crustal thickening and subsequent exhumation via extensional denudation, including both normal faulting and vertical ductile thinning. Day two will examine the deep roots of lithospheric-scale continental extension, illuminated by the structure of the Ronda peridotites, one of the most peculiar features of the arcuate Betic–Rif orogenic belt. Several contrasting models have been proposed to explain the exhumation of these massifs and its relationship to the geodynamic evolution of the western Mediterranean

The field trip will be run by mini buses, leaving from and ending in Granada. The costs of the trip (not included in the regular conference fee) will be 80.00 €. The trip can be booked during the online registration. There are 48 seats available.