Technical information for participants

This page provides technical information about presentation constraints, poster guidelines, and auxiliary topics.


We will have 30 poster boards. These are all in landscape mode (not rotatable), 184 cm wide and 94 cm high. Material for fixing posters will be provided. There will be no poster plot service available on site. Please hang up your posters either during the ice breaker (evening of 05 May) or early during the first conference day (06 May).

Posters will make up a major component of the meeting, and not just a side event. Accordingly, on each day there will be ten lightning talks per day, advertising the posters just before the poster session (see programme).

Lightning talks

Lightning talks are short (and usually rapid) presentations of the core messages of the posters they refer to. Each presenter will be allowed to use four presentation slides, which will be automatically forwarded every 30 seconds. Thus, there will be no way to stop or rewind. If you wish to not use any slides, we will simply present the poster title and author names on all six slides, resulting in a static picture for the two minutes. Please prepare your slides without animations (if possible) and in 16:9 wide screen format. The session conveners will consult you in advance to ask you for the slides, and merge all contribution into one Power Point file.


The conference will be driven by 18 talks, of which six will be keynotes. The venue will provide up to date laptops (Win 10 OS) to present slides as MS Power Point or Adobe PDF files. If you have additional requirements, find a responsible and negotiate options well in advance of your talk. Please contact the session responsibles sufficiently in advance to the session to copy the material to the presentation laptop and test yourself if you are happy with the result. The infrastructure is set up for 16:9 wide screen presentations, so please align your slides to this. You will be provided with a combined laser pointer and presenter control. Microphones will be available at the lecture desk and amongst the audience.

Please see the programme for the time constraints on the talks. Usually, talks will be 20 minutes followed by 10 minutes discussion. Keynotes will be longer but should explicitly include time for extensive discussion (30 + 10 min).